Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions below...

Q: What type of a cappella music do the Harmony Exporters sing?

A: The Harmony Exporters sing a variety of new music as well as some traditional barbershop arrangements.  All arrangements emphasize tight harmony and overall musicality of the song.  


Q: How much singing experience do I need to have to join Harmony Exporters?

A: No prior experience in performance is required, but you do need to be able to sing in tune, match pitches, and harmonize.


Q: What's the audition like?

A: Auditioning is a two step process.  The first part is an initial pre-screening step that looks at range, tonality, and ability to sing in tune.  After you pass this part, you will be given the current chorus audition piece and asked to memorize it and be able to sing your voice part against a recording with that voice part missing.  You will be given the part recordings with and without your voice part to prepare.  Multiple audition attempts are allowed and feedback will be given on what to work on if you did not pass.  Auditions are normally arranged before or after rehearsal nights.  During the audition process you should plan on joining the chorus for rehearsal as that will help you understand what the chorus is looking for in its members.


Q: What kind of commitment is involved to belong to the Harmony Exporters?

A: We rehearse from 7:00-9:30 p.m. every Thursday.  We compete in two chorus competitions per year (which may include some regional travel), and do several community performances throughout the year.  Advance notice will be given for performances and contests so that you can make the necessary preparations to attend.  Practicing your music at home is expected and will require a regular commitment of time outside the chorus rehearsal.


Q: Do I need to wait for a special guest night to come by and visit a rehearsal?

A: NO!  Every rehearsal is open to the public.  You can come to listen or are welcome to join us in song on the risers.  The only times we may ask you to watch rather than participate, is when we are preparing for contest.


Q: Where do you meet for rehearsals?

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

2711 Helena Ave.

Nederland, Tx  77627

7:00 P.M. every Thursday

Come and join us!